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Health Resources

Safer Sex Booklet for Trans Students and Their Partners:

Florida State University created a booklet for trans/non-binary people and their partners around safer sex, relationships, and overall wellness. Feel free to peruse the booklet here.

Emory Insurance Coverage for Trans Students:

As of the summer of 2010, the Emory University student health insurance plan includes coverage for mental health care and hormonal therapy. These benefits were proposed by the President's Commission on Sexuality, Gender Diversity and Queer Equality, and you can read the full proposal here.  Beginning in 2011, sex reassignment surgeries are also covered under the student health insurance plan.  Students should consult with their doctors and insurance company about receiving these benefits.

The Gay and Lesbian Medical Association and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health are two national health-related resources that trans students may find helpful.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is also available to provide mental health care for trans students. Please see the below statement.

Statement from CAPS on Services for Trans Students:

CAPS is a Trans Affirming Place

If you are looking to explore your gender identity more fully and richly, or have already explored your gender identity and would like an evaluation for medical procedures, please contact CAPS and request an initial appointment with Dr. Faughn Adams.  CAPS provides brief psychotherapy for a variety of issues so if you are looking for treatment unrelated to your gender identity you can work with any of the other professional therapists at CAPS.  Your gender is not a pathology.

The pace of gender exploration is determined by you. Only you can know who you are and where you want to go from moment to moment. A good therapeutic relationship helps you more fully understand yourself and helps you make decisions that are grounded in your values.  In addition to providing brief psychotherapy, CAPS can also provide community referrals if you would like to do long term open-ended psychotherapy.

Many trans identified people make choices to live with the bodies they have. For those of you who are interested in medical interventions to change your bodies, check with your insurance company to see what interventions are covered and the requirements they have for accessing that coverage. Some companies require a pre-approval process that can take more than a month. Many physicians (and insurance companies) require treatment or evaluation letters from mental health professionals for medical procedures such as masculinizing / feminizing hormone therapy or surgical procedures.  At CAPS, Dr. Adams does these sorts of evaluations which typically take one to three sessions.  Some surgical procedures require a treatment letter and an evaluation by another mental health professional. Dr. Adams writes either type of letter and can help you with referrals for your second letter when necessary.  The process of medical interventions can be both exciting and daunting.  If you would like to review your options with a knowledgeable advocate who will be in your corner, please make an appointment with Dr. Faughn Adams. 

If for any reason you prefer to be seen off campus for psychotherapy or evaluation, CAPS can provide you with appropriate referrals.